How to deal with your boyfriend when he plays CS GO all the time?

Games games games… That’s the thing that my boyfriend is obsessed with. Situation where games took like 90 % of his life continued for a long time, till I understand that I should do something. So, today I wanna share my experience how I dealt with my beloved one whilst he was playing CS GO all the time.

If you ever played a game, doesn’t matter what kind of, u know that everything around you disspears and all your attention goes to that activity. So same was with Richard (my bf). After he found CS GO, he didn’t stop to talk about skins, drakelounge and other related stuff. For me that was never normally played online game – it was cosmos and I do not understand what he was so excited about.

U know understand your bf takes some time, so I thought I’m gonna fight him with the same weapons as he using against me – games. I asked him to teach me how to play CS GO, and guess what? Now I’m so into it like him. I guess games could be the thing that could be good close up with your bf or whatever you wanna call.

If you expected something shocking – that’s not a place for you. This is golden rule: gamers gonna play games so be one of those if wanna have healthy relationships. Lol.